Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crank Sturgeon - "St. Doggery" out now on Placenta Recordings!

Placenta Recordings is uber proud to announce the labels #122nd release:


8 Tracks of manic spoken word, crushed contact mic debauchery, caffeine laced blisters, fishmeal freak folkx1000, and everything your mother warned you about.

This album is by Matt Anderson, AKA Crank Sturgeon, a leading force in creative experimental performance art and sound. Hailing from Portland, Maine, he has been doing his art for a number of years and has performed in a multitude of locations! I had the pleasure of meeting this eccentric/awesome fellow whilst on tour in 2010, and we have remained friends since! I am a huge fan of his work, I felt that his work is some of the most original stuff I have ever stumbled upon, so we mustered up an idea for a release, collaborated on art and now, Placenta Recordings has released the album & has copies available for the public to consume!

Send CASH/TRADE/MONEY ORDER (Made out to Jay Watson) ONLY to:

Placenta Recordings
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

Art by Jay Watson/Matt Anderson, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tour Dates Posted! - Dental Work's "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas Tour"

Dental Work's "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas Tour": 4/13/11 @ B414 (414 E. Michigan Ave.) Lansing, MI (7pm-11pm) FREE - DONATIONS ENCOURAGED! - YATAGARASU BUBBLEGUM OCTOPUS DENTAL WORK GALACTIC VACATIONER WATABOU KESSENCHU FREE LOVE ASSOCIATION 4/14/11 @ Crown Tap Room (2821 N. Milwaukee Ave.) Chicago, IL (8:30pm-12am) $4 - DENTAL WORK FATALE MORALES PHALLUS THE KREMLIN TOOTH_EYE FEEDBACULA 4/18/11 @ The Zoo (751 3rd. St.) Oakland, CA (8pm-11:30pm) $4-$8 Sliding Scale! - CRANK STURGEON PCRV STYROFOAM SANCHEZ DENTAL WORK BRUTALLO 4/19/11 @ Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk St.) San Francisco, CA (9pm-11pm) $5 - RUBBER O CEMENT DENTAL WORK SHORTWAVE SURFERS TERROR APART 4/20/11 @ LOBOT GALLERY (1800 Campbell) Oakland, CA (8:00pm-???) - CAROLINER RAINBOW ROOT STRETCHING FRAGRAINE DENTAL WORK MICOSE AND THE MAU MAUS TAKE UP SERPENTS TERROR APART RIFLE CUP 4/22/11 + 4/23/11 @ Denver Noise Fest - Old Curtis Street Bar (2100 Curtis St.) Denver, CO - Alchemical Burn (NM) Alms (NM) AODL (UT) Armenia (EC) The Bean Dip Troubadours (The Future) Blood Rhythms (IL) Christian Pincock (NM) Crank Sturgeon (ME) Disthroned Agony (MN) Dental Work (MI) +DOG+ (CA) Fatale (IL) The Haters (CA) In The Age of Terminal Static (WA) KILT (NY/NM/CA) La Funcion de Repulsa (MX) Legless (NC) Marlo Eggplant (WA) Matt Taggart (MT) Nookleptia (IL) Nuss (RI) Occasional Detroit (NM) Office Park (NE) Page 27 (CO) Sonic Disorder (UT) Sterile Garden (CO) Styrofoam Sanchez (CA) Syphilis Sauna (PA) Xome (CA) Zombie Bite (MN)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Placenta Recordings #121: Fatale + Dental Work - Split!

Placenta Recordings is proud to unleash its 121st release:

Fatale + Dental Work - Split

This album is sure to cause hearing problems, and obliterate your listening device. Harsh walls of sound from Chicago's leading female noise artist Fatale, and a drug induced coma by Traverse City, MI obscurist guru Dental Work.

Order a copy for $5! CASH/TRADE/MONEYGRAM (Made out to Jay Watson) ONLY!

Placenta Recordings
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"I'm One Of An Odd Family" Experimental DIY Zine by Monty Rubera - Now carried by PR

Placenta Recordings is now a full time distributer of Monty Rubera's Austrailia based Experimental Music 'Zine "I'm One Of An Odd Family"

Issue #4 contains interviews w/ Scissor Shock and Goldz Field (Xrin Arms), who are both Placenta Family!

This is a really cool B&W zine, I have copies for sale for $4 from our mail order, and you can pick them up at any Placenta Recordings related event!

Contact Monty Rubera: